Contributing to Docs

This is a guide on how to setup your environment to write docs for this website.

We really appreciate users and developers contributing to our documentation!


System Requirements

In order to edit and build docs locally, you will need to have the following:

  • Git
  • Python 3.6.x
  • Pipenv
  • Linux and Mac: The make CLI

If you’ve never used Pipenv before, it is a useful tool to create Python virtual environments. You can get it using pip for your Python 3.6 environment:

python3.6 -m pip install pipenv

Local Docs Setup

First, create an account on GitHub, and fork the Glowstone docs repository to your account.

Then, clone your fork locally using:

git clone[your_username]/docs.git Glowstone-Docs

Switch to the directory that was created (cd Glowstone-Docs), then run the following to install the required dependencies:

pipenv sync --dev

Finally, create a branch for your changes. The name of the branch can describe what your changes are about.

git checkout -b my-branch-name

Editing Docs

Once your environment is setup, you can now modify the RST files inside of the repository.

To build docs, run make html. The files will be output in the _build/html directory.

Sometimes, it might be necessary to do a complete re-build of the project. To do so, run make clean, and then make html.

Submitting Changes

First, you will need to commit your changes. To do so, add your changes using git add .. Then, commit using:

git commit -m "A message describing your changes"

Finally, push your commit(s) to your fork using:

# "my-branch-name" should correspond to the name of your local branch
git push -u origin my-branch-name

Once your changes have been pushed, you can create a Pull Request by viewing your branch on GitHub and clicking on “Pull Request”.