The glowstone.yml file allows you to edit your server settings.

This section documents the different options inside the file. We recommend using the navigation tree on the left to move around.


Basic server settings.

Key Type Default Description
ip text (optional) (Blank) Which interface the server should listen on, usually blank.
port integer 25565 The port the server should listen on.
name text Glowstone Server The server’s name, used in queries.
log-file text logs/log-%D.txt Where the log is stored relative to the server folder.
online-mode true/false true Whether connecting players are authenticated. Only disable this if you know what you are doing.
max-players integer 20 The maximum number of players on the server.
whitelisted true/false false Whether the whitelist is enabled.
motd text Glowstone Server The message shown in the server list.
shutdown-message text Server shutting down. The message used to kick players when the server stops.
allow-client-mods true/false true Tell Forge clients whether or not the server allows for client mods.
snooper-enabled true/false false Whether Minecraft stats reporting is enabled. Currently not implemented.
prevent-proxy-connections true/false true Whether the server should verify that the IP that is used for connecting to the server is also used for authenticating with the Mojang servers.


Settings for the console (terminal) output.

Key Type Default Description
use-jline true/false true Whether the fancy console is enabled. Disable if you’re having console problems.
prompt text '> ' The console prompt that appears before the input field.
date-format text HH:mm:ss How the time and date are displayed within the console.
log-date-format text yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss How the time and date are logged in the log files.


Settings for in-game features.

Key Type Default Description
gamemode text (enum) SURVIVAL The default gamemode, one of SURVIVAL, CREATIVE, ADVENTURE, or SPECTATOR.
gamemode-force true/false false Whether players are forced to the default gamemode on join.
difficulty text (enum) NORMAL The difficulty, one of PEACEFUL, EASY, NORMAL, or HARD.
hardcore true/false false Whether hardcore mode (ban on death) is enabled.
pvp true/false true Whether player vs. player mode is enabled.
max-build-height integer 256 The maximum height at which players may build.
announce-achievements (deprecated) true/false true Whether achievements are announced in the chat. Unused.
allow-flight true/false false Whether unauthorized flight prevention is disabled.
command-blocks true/false false Whether command blocks are enabled. Unused.
resource-pack text (optional) (Blank) The URL of the resource pack to send to clients by default.
resource-pack-hash text (optional) (Blank) The hash of the resource pack for data integrity purposes.


Used to control mob spawn limits.


Certain creature settings are not currently implemented, and are therefore not documented.

Key Type Default Description
enable monsters true/false true Whether monsters can spawn naturally.
animals true/false true Whether animals can spawn naturally.


Settings for server folder names.

Key Type Default Description
plugins text plugins The plugins directory relative to server root.
update text update The directory relative to ‘plugins’ to copy updates from on startup.
worlds text worlds The world container relative to server root.
libraries text lib The libraries directory relative to server root.


Settings for server file names. These files are relative to the config directory.

Key Type Default Description
permissions text permissions.yml The file to read custom permissions from.
commands text commands.yml The file to read command aliases from.
help text help.yml The file to read help topics from.


Advanced server configuration options.

Key Type Default Description
connection-throttle integer 4000 Time in milliseconds a client must wait before reconnecting.
idle-timeout integer 0 How long until an idle (AFK) player is kicked (0 for never).
warn-on-overload true/false true Whether to show warnings if the server is overloaded.
exact-login-location true/false false Whether to skip fixing block collisions on player login.
plugin-profiling true/false false Whether the timings command is enabled.
deprecated-verbose true/false/default false Whether to always, never, or only sometimes show deprecation warnings for plugins.
compression-threshold integer 256 The minimum packet size to compress. -1 to disable, 0 to compress everything.
proxy-support true/false false Whether proxy (e.g. BungeeCord) support is enabled, granting access to the real IP and UUID of proxied players. Requires the proxy to be configured correctly.
player-sample-count integer 12 How many online players can be shown in the server list.
graphics-compute enable true/false false Whether GPU-based computations are enabled.
use-any-device true/false false Whether any device can be used for OpenCL computations.
region-file cache-size integer 256 The region file cache size, in MB.
compression true/false true Whether region files should be compressed.
profile-lookup-timeout integer 5 Timeout for Mojang profile lookups, in seconds.
suggest-player-name-when-null-tab-completions true/false true Checks if player names should be suggested when a command returns null as their tab completion result.


Extra services which Glowstone can optionally provide.

Key Type Default Description
query-enabled true/false false Whether the query server is enabled.
query-port integer 25614 The port the query server runs on.
query-plugins true/false true Whether the query response includes plugin info.
rcon-enabled true/false false Whether the rcon server is enabled.
rcon-password text glowstone The rcon password.
rcon-port integer 25575 The port the rcon server runs on.
rcon-colors true/false true Whether the server should send color-codes to the rcon client.


Used to choose how the default worlds are configured. For advanced world configuration, a plugin such as Multiverse may be appropriate.

Key Type Default Description
name text world The name of the main world.
seed text (optional) (Blank) The seed to use for the main world, or blank for random.
level-type text (enum) DEFAULT The world type to use for the main world, one of DEFAULT, FLAT, DEFAULT_1_1, LARGEBIOMES, or AMPLIFIED.
spawn-radius integer 16 The radius around a world’s spawn point to protect from damage, or 0 to disable.
view-distance integer 8 The radius of the area of chunks to send to players.
gen-structures true/false true Whether structures (villages, strongholds, etc.) are generated.
allow-nether true/false true Whether a Nether world is created by default.
allow-end true/false true Whether an End world is created by default.
keep-spawn-loaded true/false true Whether chunks around world spawns are kept loaded by default.
populate-anchored-chunks true/false false Whether anchored chunks, like world spawns, are populated as soon as they are loaded. False means that these chunks will wait to be populated until a player loads those chunks for the first time, resulting in a long “Downloading terrain” wait time, and server stutter on first world join.
classic-style-water true/false false Changes the water flow behavior to be finite with a moving source.
disable-generation true/false false Disables world generation.


Key Type Default Description
checksum-validation true/false true Whether downloaded libraries should be validated using their checksum.
repository-url text Glowstone repo, see below The repository URL to download libraries from.
download-attempts integer 2 The maximum amount of attempts to download each library.
compatibility-bundle text (enum) CRAFTBUKKIT The compatibility bundle to use. Only CRAFTBUKKIT and NONE are supported. See the `Library Management`_ section.
list list (of libraries) Empty array A list of extra libraries to download on server startup. See below for the content structure of this list.

Note: the default Glowstone library repository is

Library format

Each element of the library list (libraries.list key) is an object with the following structure:

Key Type Description
group-id text The group ID of the library.
artifact-id text The artifact ID of the library.
version text The version of the library.
repository text (optional) If present, overrides the default repository URL.
checksum (optional) type text (enum) The algorithm for the checksum. Only SHA-1 (sha1) and MD5 (md5) are supported.
value text The checksum of the library.

Again, more information about these fields and library management can be found in the `Library Management`_ section.